As experts in the field of first aid and safety training, we will be able to help you find solutions to the challenges facing your industry. Our experts are committed to meeting your needs regardless of the size of your organization. Your concerns are important to us. Choose the consulting category below that best corresponds to your needs.

Emergency Planning

Auditing in Emergency Preparedness, Consulting in Emergency procedures, Risk analysis relating to emergency equipment and operations.

Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety Audit, Consulting in Health and Safety in the workplace, Elaborating workplace health and safety procedures

Emergency Equipment Inspection

Defibrillator worthiness inspection, First Aid and AED equipment upgrades, First Aid equipment maintenance, Consulting in equipment purchasing


Audit of emergency procedures, Pool operation consulting, Lifeguard staff inservice training , Pool manager training

Continuing Education

Staff trainings relating to emergency procedures, Update sessions pertaining to new standards and regulations, First Aid skill development, Workplace team building activities