We can help meet your first aid and medical equipment needs. For all request, please fill out our request form or visit our online store.

First Aid Kits

Workplace kits (meeting the CSST standards), portable waistband kits, personal kits, trauma kits, training kits and customized kits.

First Aid Supplies

Bandages, Adhesive plasters, triangular bandages, gauze pads, disinfecting wipes, scissors, tweezers, safety pins, penlights, tape.

Teaching Tools

CPR mannequins, Training lungs for CPR, AED Trainers, Epinepherine Auto-Injectors (Epipen and Allerjects), Medical simulators, First Aid Makeup.

Immobilization Equipment

Spinal boards, KED, Splints, Cage rescue

CPR Equipment

Defibrillators, Training pads, Pocket masks, Face Shields, Bag-valve masks, Oropharyngeal airways, Nasopharyngeal airways, Oxygen cylinders, Oxygen masks, Succion equipment.